Sunday, December 23, 2007

Italianies part II

On a recent trip to KL i had to have Italiannies again...the Risotto is a real must....the taste is so tasty i dunno how to describe...the mussels, fish, squid and prawns are so fresh and succulent!

The carbonara is equally delicious. Lunch, the price is RM 19.90 and dinner is RM 27.90.
The difference is in the portion..When i saw the lunch portion..i was like....what?!?!?! where got enough....i was so wrong by the's very filling and dinner, it's meant for two!
I WISH Italiannies would come to Penang....

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Finally we went to was an impromt to decision and I LOVED every minute of it! The first food stop is Foh San Restaurant along Jalan Abdul Tahir. The place is packed with people. It is difficult to find a table and when u finally do, the other people without tables, will stare at you like vultures...waiting to take your spot.
Lucky the waitress helped us "thap thoi" with other ppl and we soon ate..
The food is unlike anything I have ever eaten!! Everything is delicious! I didn't dare take pictures coz fearing people we shared the table with will think I'm psycho!
We ordered a lot to take away. The Siew Mai is the best I've eaten - it is the number one must!! The char siew pau is definately different - in a nice way. The egg tart is absolute 'delish' and the 'kai soh' dun get me started...I haven't eaten such good chicken pie in a long time...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Doughnutz Mania

I simply love doughnutz...throw any kind of doughnutz at me and I'll catch it with my mouth open....Last weekend was the last weekend before utter chaos and madness starts at I decided to laze around...just do nothing but S-L-E-E-P....but too much sleep and nothingness...makes my hand itch - itch to cook up a storm....hehehe
so I decided to make doughnuts - which started off to be a disaster coz I din have enough flour and the dough became all mushed up and I couldn't form a dough - but thanks to my crazy 'braveness'...I decided to go ahead with the frying by piping out the dough and made doughnut balls and it turned out great....just realised doughnutz are so easy and cheap to make and if I am ever out of a job..I shall be the Doughnut Lady....Crispy, Creamy Doughnuts

Haagen Dazs

The mother of all buffet is in town from 1 November 07....Free flow of Haagen Dazs ice cream with topping for only RM 19.90!!
The place you ask??The Revolving Restaurant in City Bayview Hotel, Penang...I wonder will there be a bustling crowd?? Too bad I can't be one of the first to try...Poor me have to work till late in the nite this week....

Sounds too good too be true, rite???hope it is.....anybody interested???after my close that is....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Poly Cafe, Pulau Tikus

Poly Cafe situated beside Burmah House opens from morning till around tea. They are closed on Wednesdays and are normally packed with people most of the time! The Hokkien mee is pretty delicious and you can taste that the soup is wholesome and not 'fake'. The soup is not as thick compared to Super Hokkien mee but you'll never have to wait that long! It has meat, prawns and vegetables and the egg used in this hokkien mee is absolutely delicious..unlike Super hokkien mee
There was a write up on the Roti Babi in The Star recently and I feel they are over rated. Since the write up was so good, we just had to give it a try and we were disappointed. The 'liao' aka fillings was not as much as written in the papers. No doubt it's fragrant and all but it's simply not spectacular! To make things worse, they serve the roti babi with chilli sauce instead of cut chili with Worcestershire sauce, and that is the correct way of eating Roti Babi. Anyway..I know of another place that serves good roti babi in town but I don't know if they still serve it coz I hear the preparer died - God bless his soul. I shall find out and blog about it next time.

Sar poh fan

Now.. looking for Claypot rice in Penang is easy but I feel the rice that is cooked together with the soya sauce is hard to come by. It's common to get rice that has been cooked and just before serving, they pour in the soya sauce etc in, making the rice not evenly covered in sauce!However, I know of this place near Jelutong market at Kim Hee Cafe, beside Mat Toh Yau Dessert.
Better go early if even though your not hungry coz I have waited for nearly 1 hour for it! However I recently went during the Chinese Vegetarian Festival period, food was served in less than 10 minutes! We were literally in shocked!
I tell you, this claypot rice has salted fish, chinese sausage and the chicken is so ever tender and best of's breast meat with no skin...

Big claypot

Small claypot
Another thing, normally this stall closes very early coz they'll run out of claypot rice before 7.30pm and I think they are not open on Sundays.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lok Lok @ Raja Uda

It has really been awhile since my last entry. I've been working my @$$ off! When ever I go to Seberang Prai during the afternoon, I will definitely make my way to the cheapest Lok Lok I know...I know it's a bit far but I do not go there on purpose to have Lok Lok! The stall is situated in Raja Uda at the corner of Jalan Cempaka, the Lok Lok is only RM 0.30 per stick! Among the variety is mantis prawns, octopus and cuttlefish with kangkung.....all at 0.30 cents. However when we got there...we couldn't find any of the above displayed but the uncle was busy peeling the mantis prawns. We ordered 10 sticks and the replied was RM 1.50 per stick wor....and he said, "nvm i charge u 0.60 etc...." we din quite catch what he said in the end but we agreed....and the next thing we saw was..... he threw 10 mantis prawns into the boiling pot and we were in shocked!! no wonder so cheap....we gotta peel our own mantis prawns!!! Nevertheless, the mantis prawns are cooked just right, they are fresh and juicy and yummy...but...everyone was starring at our table - coz we peeled our own mantis prawns..pai seh nia
Be warned, for 30 cents per stick, the amount on each stick is not alot but if possible, go for those that are value for $$$!